Monday, 16 March 2015

The First Blog Post is about Blogs

When I was thinking about writing a blog (LONG before I actually made this page) I started peering back into the archives of the Blogs I love to look at their first post. I was looking for how they kicked it off, how they broke the blogging seal and got going. I think I was expecting most people to begin with some form of manifesto on what they hoped to write about and learn and why they were writing about it in blog form.

Well, that isn’t what I found, I mostly found ‘normal’ style posts that didn’t reveal any anxiety about readers wanting to know ‘Who are you and what makes you think you can write publically!?’ So I started to think that maybe that worry was all in my head.
But just in case it isn’t, and for anyone who one day peers into the depths of this blog for an idea of how they can get started on this themselves, here is what lead me to begin this blog & what I hope it will bring:

I have finally stopped being a blog voyeur and have begun sewing. There’s a massive (and lovely) blog community built on this, and I want to play too! I want this to be a place I can document and enjoy my learning process.

I had no idea that leaving university would be the blow it has been, the end-goal that my life was once based around has now come and gone and OH GOD NOW WHAT!? I am hoping that having this blog to base my thoughts and record my sewing progress will soothe my need for purpose.

This boils down to: I love getting a recommendation! If I want advice on places to visit, a good TV show or Podcast, where to buy fabric, I know exactly which of my friends (or blogs!) to go to. For me, word-of-mouth is the best source of reference and I like to pay it back.

I have a lot of opinions
This one speaks for itself really!

Beginning this blog, I don’t really know if I will like it, if I will commit to it, how it will change or my use of it will change. Just starting it is the only way to know.